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About Fandango Recording...

Find out the studio' history, and why Fandango Recording would be the right solution for your musical projects.

23 years and counting of making music...

Musical beginnings...

Fandango Recording is one of Toronto's longest running owner/music producer operated recording studios. I started Fandango Recording Toronto back in 1998 because of my love for, not just music, but sound. I’ve been a musician for a very long time; my passion for music comes from my family - my parents having guided me to learn music since early childhood.

Like many other musicians, I've had my share of playing live in bands or as duos, and trios. While I started on the classical guitar, much of my 20's were spent with a band I put together,
Labyrinth, promoting progressive rock, with classical and jazz influences. During its seven years of existence, the band toured, recorded for radio, TV, as well as releasing an LP. It was those recording sessions that got me really interested in the production side of things, in recording, mixing, and mastering.

After the band dismantled, I was lucky enough to be taught not just the technical side, but the art of recording, by some of the top professionals in Electrekord and TVT. At the same time, I was asked to produce a couple of pop and rock groups - the first time was actually by chance- yes, luck plays an important part!

Moving to Toronto...

After moving to Toronto some 27 years ago, I was faced with starting a studio from scratch. I found this to be a very exciting time: meeting new and peculiarly interesting people, learning new recording/mixing and mastering techniques, and continuously building on the previous experience. As soon as I was able to put together the financial puzzle that stood in the way, Fandango Recording Toronto was born. Over the years, I’ve kept investing in the studio, to the point where the blending of analog and digital equipment I put together provides such quality recording that puts a smile on the face of my customers.

While putting together a
recording studio is a challenge, there were several criteria I would not compromise: a studio should provide excellent acoustics, have a creative atmosphere, use only high-end or esoteric equipment in line with the major studios, and maintain an affordable cost without sacrificing quality.

I also was excited to bring my experience as a producer to the table, because many independent and up-and-coming artists do not have a professional producer backing them. These artists need help and guidance producing and polishing their songs, and they need professional
services as song production, recording, mixing and mastering, in a place made to make them feel comfortable, with a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Why we think we are the right choice for you...

Fandango Recording Toronto's music business model is to get the customer’s respect by being professional in everything we do, and offering both an excellent product and value for their money. Since 1998, Fandango Recording operates on open communication, a down-to-earth attitude, top quality services, a wealth of knowledge, experience, and true state of the art equipment.

As a "music producer’s studio", we offer a very personal and thorough approach in the process, and we feel rewarded as almost all our clients keep coming back to us to help them with their new projects. There are many reasons why Fandango Recording Toronto is a great choice for your musical project:

A wealth of experience...

  • Fandango Recording studio owner/engineer/producer - Florin "Flo" Fandango - has extensive experience both behind the console as a music producer, and as a musician. A classically trained guitar player, former progressive rock band leader, songwriter and producer, he worked for major recording studios before opening his own studio.

  • Working with a “producer studio” like Fandango Recording means that artists will get help at every step of the process if they need it and don't have a producer, so they can achieve their goals. As a producer, I know that the creative process is a very delicate and personal one, I know how important is the relationship between the artist and the producer, how important it is to understand the artist, and the positive impact a comfortable and creative environment will have on a recording session. While the production process involves some trial & error, a good producer will keep you focused and help steer you in the right direction, allowing the song to move forward.

  • When you have a song and you’re stuck with how to move it from a simple guitar or piano accompaniment to a full instrumentation, a producer is your best ally; they can arrange the material, they know when and where to add instruments to get a cohesive song, they are able to recognize a good take - be it instrumental or vocal, create a great instrumental track, and drive the process to ensure that the final shape of a song both represents the artist and is compelling.

The facility...

  • Fandango Recording is a medium size professional recording studio. It was built following classic recording studio acoustic principles, with two live rooms and a control room. They are isolated and professionally designed acoustically, in order to contain the standing waves and provide a proper room response. The control room response is accurate within +/- 3.5 dB from 20 Hz to 20 KHz Bruel & Kjaer frequency response profile.

  • The live rooms allow a group of people to record together, even with a large set of drums and percussion. Having the band playing together is very important because the performance comes first and we want to offer a proper environment for it. Fandango can record 24 simultaneous tracks using only high-end mic preamps and mastering grade A/D convertors.

  • The studio space is owned, not rented, and Fandango passes the savings to its customers, maintaining affordable rates without compromising quality. Unlike large studios, maintenance expenses are much smaller, and that is reflected in the rates too. The studio is extremely clean and well maintained. It has air conditioning and dehumidifiers during summer and humidifiers in winter, which is quite important especially for vocals. The heating/air conditioning system was rebuilt and is completely silent.

The monitoring system...

  • The monitoring system for mixing and mastering is exceptional: the main monitors are a pair of Barefoot MM27, and there are another four pairs of monitors connected for instantaneous checking of the mixes and masters.

  • A personal multi-cue monitoring system is available during recording, so each musician can control the mix they hear in their headphones, to provide an optimal experience for delivering a fantastic performance.

  • The power supplies are regulated and filtered; all the converters, audio cables and patchbays are mastering grade.

The equipment we use...

  • The quality of the whole audio chain is exceptional and constant all the way. The studio has a great selection of high end microphones and mic preamps- both tubes and solid state, covering the whole spectrum, from extremely transparent to coloured ones; high-end and esoteric EQ's and compressors, to provide an excellent sound for the whole spectrum of instruments. There aren't too many studios in Canada that can offer a vocal recording chain with a preamp like Martech MSS-10 and a Tube Tech CL-1B compressor.

  • Fandango provides recording on location with up to 12 tracks at 24 bit/96KHz resolution. When it comes to recording on location, we specialize solely in recording jazz, acoustic, classical, choirs and chamber music. Fandango employs professional techniques and specific equipment, including extremely transparent high-end preamps and microphones, to capture every nuance in spaces like churches, concert halls, clubs. We use our own microphones and preamps; we do not rely on the PA sound.

  • The musicians who work here have access to outstanding instruments - piano, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, synths, drum machines and keys, percussion, boutique amps and effects/pedal fx so you can experiment and choose something if you’re not happy with your own rig.

Location, location, location they say...

  • Fandango takes great pride in the cozy, creative and comfortable atmosphere provided, which helps to deliver a great musical performance. The studio is located on Don Mills area, at Leslie and Lawrence and it is easy accessible from everywhere; it’s only minutes away from the 401 or Don Valley Parkway.

  • Parking is free, and enough for a couple of cars.That saves you right away some money. And if you use the TTC, there are a couple of options to get here. The area is very quiet, there are parks all around (Edward Gardens, Tallwood Park) and the large and treed backyard is a great place to relax.

  • Shops at Don Mills and York Mills outlet malls are close by, and offer many great places to grab a bite to eat.


We've worked with independent artists like Anastasia-Joy, Dan Ionescu, Dick Felix, Jack Zoravski, Ken G (Japan), George Brasovan, Greg Mittler, Ilie Stepan, Lynn Glazer, Sunny Choi, bands like Urban Jive, Dansband, Michael Wise Quartet, Cristina, Contrast, Familiar Strangers, The Blueberry Trees, Why Walk Alone, Effective Monday…

We've also produced songs and beats for artists like Sebastian John Luciano, Young Profits, Dion Hanlin, 8K, Kristine “Tish” Sebastian, Dirty “I” Michael Cosma and many others.

We've had the pleasure of working on a number of classical and choral music projects, like the "Men of Note" from Stoufville, choir conducted by Margot Rejskind, the "Vox Maris" choir of St. George Church Toronto, Toronto children's choirs, and classical music artists like Susan Brown, Steve Shorter, Moise, Julia Zibrat, and others.

Fandango Recording has also developed excellent working relations with labels like Morrison Recordings and
Pacemaker Entertainment, which is releasing gems from Canada’s musical vault since 1994 - like Long John Baldry, Eugene Smith, Robbie Lane and the Disciples, Blackstone, Mainline, Whiskey Howl - where Fandango Recording took care of the sound reconditioning, and re-mastering of these albums.

We were invited to work with, and be a part of interesting musical projects for companies like Holt Renfrew, Tim Horton and Chrysler Canada.
Neuman U87 studio standard microphone

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